atimholtNew chessboard on the new map. Basement of my shop.
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Grimmerie Just popping in to say hi. Work's been nuts, plus playing WoW again soooo..... I'll be back at some point. *waves*
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Queen Harm   add me - Harmonium#1229
BakerBeen   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
ValkrenNew version of the map! Contact me ingame or leave a comment here if you want to add your town or build.
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ValkrenThis is a link to the New Beginnings Discord channel I made a while ago. It's a good way to stay in touch and discuss plans for your builds with eachother. Let me know if you want a text channel for your group to plan your build in!
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GekuDeku   registered to New Beginnings Minecraft
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GekuDekuneed sime guidance to joing the server. got the authentication code. what do i do from there?
Valkren   You can join the server without being registered, and an admin will promote you when they check your registration.
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Queen Harm   created a new thread PSA: Dutheron Nether Portals in the General Discussions forum
iAmFlare Buying a BULK order of Stone and Dark Oak Wood! Msg me if interested, ive got a lot to offer! :)
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pitcrew   are you talking a double chest each? and how much for the wood?
iAmFlare   I would take a double Chest of a mix of Oak and Spruce logs
iAmFlare   Pricing would be discussed on the server
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